Having a Social Media Strategy will help you incrementally build loose individual relationships into brand loyal fanatics, it’s simply a question of time, effort and planning. Balancing the social needs of the consumer with the goals and interests of the institution. The question is how do you do it effectively and how do you prove your results. You can jump start the process here. We’ll explore how a higher education institution develops a Social Media Plan, how a cohesive strategy extends beyond the actual web sites in use, and how to measure the work being done.


Social Media Strategies are for Losers!

by Brian VanderMaas on April 6, 2010

In the sense that your institution is losing out on a very cost effective and influential method of connecting with Potential Students, Current Students, Alumni, Fans and Donors. How many of your constituents are you currently connecting with via Social Media? Maybe 5-20%? If you look at the total number of graduates from your institution over the last 50 years, it’s probably even less. Did you know that the fastest growing group on Facebook is females age 55-65? Have you decided on how Alumni Relations, Development & Employment Service teams will reach out to this group and all of the rest?