Alumni Relations & Communications

develop highly relevant, personalized alumni communications to appeal to their diverse interestsScope 1 marketing automation technologies support alumni relations and communications strategies for reaching and engaging school, college, and university alumni. Establishing, cultivating, and building long-term relationships through alumni communications, services, special events, loyalty programs, and other initiatives turn alumni into engaged advocates, volunteers, and donors. Building strong alumni relationships in fact, lead to multi-faceted support—in time and talent as well as financially for advancing the goals and mission of the institution. Motivated, engaged alumni and their associations, chapters, and groups are instrumental in influencing and achieving organization-wide objectives from student recruitment to development goals.

Scope 1 Marketing Technologies helps you facilitate the “conversation” to develop meaningful dialogue between alumni and the institution to grow the relationships. Scope 1 helps you gather the data to identify, segment, and group alumni based on their interests, level of involvement, and demographics. By identifying diverse segments and their individual interests and behaviors we are also able to help you develop strong, life-long relations through relevant, personalized, timely alumni communications.  Grouping by education, age, ethnicity, gender, graduation year, participation, involvement, giving and other parameters, allows us to deliver completely relevant content to each individual.  Scope 1’s holistic approach also provides a platform to host custom solutions that align, streamline, link, and integrate alumni relations and communications with other school, college and university departments like Sports Marketing, Event Planning and Career Services. Utilizing data gained through the course of the relationship, you can hand-off information from one department to the next in real time. For example, Alumni Relations can share information with Donor Development to coordinate, integrate, and support marketing, communications, and fundraising goals and campaigns.

Our proven print and electronic alumni relations management tools can integrate traditional and variable print and direct mail, Internet, Email, video, mobile and social media applications into custom marketing and communications solutions. With database management and prospect intelligence, we help schools, colleges, and universities communicate and build alumni relationships with the analytics tools to measure and validate the effectiveness of your programs.

Scope 1 alumni relations and communications solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail marketing
  • Social Media Strategies