Variable Print On-Demand Marketing Technologies

conceptual icon for on-demand print marketing technologiesScope 1’s variable print on demand marketing technologies for higher education generates printable pdfs files—based on real-time, online input provided by your online visitors. As visitors complete online forms, applications, questionnaires, etc., downloadable brochures and other print on demand materials are dynamically generated, personalized and triggered for delivery based on each visitor’s inputs. You create personalized content that speaks directly to your prospective students, alumni, or donor’s interests. Your visitor receives a pdf to view online and print on-demand. Your student, alumni, or donor relations professional receive real-time notifications to provide prompt follow-up.

Scope 1 integrates variable print on-demand technologies with web,  email social media, mobile, and other technologies, creating multiple touchpoints and real time one-to-one connectivity for higher lead generation and response rates with analytics to quantify and qualify results.