Vocational Schools Student Recruitment

Student recruitment and enrollment management for post-secondary, vocational, technical, and career training schools require different strategies—and different solutions. Vocational, technical, and career training curriculums, with typically shorter program durations than those of traditional four-year institutions, often require greater campaign frequency and highly targeted recruitment strategies. A diverse student prospect base—from recent high school graduates to out-placed workers and career changing adults—demand highly relevant, personalized content to appeal to very diverse vocational interests, needs, and goals. Our marketing automation solutions let you create highly relevant content using each prospects’ personal information stored in your database.

Our experience and custom higher education marketing automation technologies help you plan and execute strategies to recruit more qualified vocational, technical, and career training center students. We can integrate all the relevant tools, including traditional direct mail, variable print, web, e-mail, mobile, and social networking applications to more effectively reach and engage prospective students. With proven print and electronic campaign management solutions that integrate database management, prospect intelligence, and analytics programs to ensure more effective, efficient communications, higher response rates, and increased student enrollment.

Scope 1 student recruitment and enrollment management solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies