Direct Mail Marketing

conceptual icon for direct mail for marketing automationSchool, college, and university marketing professionals often include direct mail components as part of their Scope 1 marketing automation solutions. Direct mail in fact, has emerged as an important component in higher education marketing strategies that can also integrate web, email, mobile and social media applications. Multi-faceted marketing campaigns integrating direct mail marketing with new media is creating more engaging communications that are generating higher response rates and delivering more qualified leads.

Our direct mail capabilities include Scope 1 variable data print marketing technology that allows content in data driven fields to be dynamically generated, changed, and personalized as each direct mail piece is created. Culling personal information collected and archived for each prospect in your database, each direct mail piece is populated with customized, relevant content specific to each prospective student, alumni, or donor’s interests and needs. Change and personalize images, graphics, text, offers, and messaging in your printed brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and other print collateral materials—for every single individual.