K – 12 Student Recruitment

With Scope 1 marketing automation technologies, we have the latest customer relationship management tools for reaching parents and recruiting K – 12 students to private, parochial, charter schools, academies, public school systems with school choice options, and on-line education programs. Scope 1 helps you develop highly relevant, personalized marketing communications to connect and engage both student and parents by appealing to the diverse interests, needs, and goals of both. You will be generating highly relevant content using information from each prospective student’s and parents’ profile stored in your database. You’ll recruit, attract, enroll, and retain more qualified students as well.

Our custom marketing automation technologies and our experience with K – 12 student recruitment and marketing programs help you plan and execute more efficient, effective, targeted strategies. Our proven print and electronic campaign management solutions include web, traditional and variable print options, , e-mail, mobile, and social media applications. With integrated database management, prospect intelligence, and analysis, we help private, parochial, charter, and public schools and academies increase marketing campaign response rates to boost admissions, and measure results.

Scope 1 K – 12 student recruitment and marketing solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Promotional Items