Donor Development | Alumni Fundraising

powerful tools to engage and develop life-long relationships Scope 1 marketing automation technologies offer college and university donor development and advancement professionals powerful tools to engage and develop life-long relationships with alumni, friends, and prospective donors. Scope 1 supports and helps you manage your donor relations strategies to create relationships—relationships that start while they are students and that you cultivate and grow as they graduate to become engaged alumni and effective donors. With Scope 1’s database marketing technology, you access data from prospect and donor profiles to qualify and segment donors by interests, motivations, giving preferences, and other considerations. With your knowledge of each individual, you can personalize alumni fundraising and donor development campaigns with relevant, personalized content to resonate for every donor.

Scope 1 marketing automation technologies provides a platform that can align, streamline, and integrate school, college and university development, advancement, donor relations, and fundraising efforts for coordinated, effective, efficient advancement strategies. With Scope 1’s holistic approach to marketing automation, development programs can be also linked and integrated with alumni and other departments’ programs to ensure cohesive organization-wide marketing strategy.

Our solutions include traditional and variable-print technology, web, email, mobile, video, and social media applications. With proven print and electronic marketing and relationship management solutions that integrate database management, intelligence, and analytics programs, we help school, college and university development departments develop and long term, lasting relationships grow and reach donor development and alumni fundraising donor goals.

Scope 1 college and university development solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies