Higher Education Marketing Technologies

conceptual icon for marketing automationAt Scope 1, we develop more powerful, effective higher education marketing initiatives through a holistic approach to relationship management across school, college, and university departments—including student, alumni, and donor, and community relations. Our marketing automation technologies for higher education provide a platform to host custom solutions that link and integrate individual departments, levels and their respective goals and campaigns. Data management sits at the core of our higher education marketing solutions, with easy access and  hand-off of clean, real time information. We help you gather and utilize information gained not only at the beginning of your relationships, but through the course of moving prospects to matriculants to brand evangelists, working with potential students, current students, alumni, donors and community, we help you develop long lasting mutual relationships that benefit the individual and the institution.

Our custom, cost effective marketing automation solutions focus on the departmental needs of attracting potential students, creating positive alumni interactions, and facilitating increases in development. We achieve this by enhancing marketing campaigns with relevant, personalized content delivered through multi-media and cross media applications with campaign marketing tools that provide real time access to data. Our marketing automation solutions integrate print, email, web, mobile and social media applications to increase lead generation and response rates. Scope 1 will help you manage individual campaigns while also making it easy for the rest of the organization to share and use information and data captured in each campaign. By facilitating interdepartmental communication and easy access to the data from one department to the next, we help you optimize and implement organization-wide marketing strategies.

Scope 1’s marketing solutions for higher education integrate:

  • Database Marketing strategies
  • Email Marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Personalized URLs (pURLs)
  • Social Media Strategies
  • QR Codes
  • Campaign Analysis