School, College and University Development & Advancement

University building with clock towerCollege and university development/advancement professionals need engaged, motivated, passionate alumni, friends, supporters, and donors to fuel advocacy, further development causes, and advance the institution’s mission. Scope 1 marketing automation technologies help build long-term relationships with college and university friends and supporters.

Using Scope 1’s database marketing software, you can segment supporters and donors by their levels of interest and involvement and personalize messaging and frequency. Tailoring your higher education development campaigns to supporter and donor interests, motivations, programs, preferences and gift levels can help you grow support and gifts to your major donor fundraising, planned giving, capital campaign, and foundational development initiatives.

Scope 1 marketing automation technologies provides a platform that can align, streamline, and integrate college and university development, advancement, donor relations, and fundraising efforts for coordinated, effective, efficient growth strategies. With Scope 1’s holistic approach to marketing automation, development programs can be also linked and integrated with alumni and other department’s programs to ensure cohesive organization-wide marketing strategy personalized for every individual relationship.

Our solutions include traditional and variable print technology, web, email, mobile, and social media applications, integrate with corporate matching gift solutions, and provide you with an extensive selection of “respectable” promotional items.  With proven print and electronic marketing and relationship management solutions that integrate database management, intelligence, and analytics, we help college and university development and advancement departments generate long term, mutually beneficial relationships to reach your supporter, donor, capital goals.

Scope 1 college and university development solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies