College and University Student Recruitment

With Scope 1 marketing automation technologies, college and university student recruitment and enrollment management professionals have the latest customer relationship management tools to engage prospective undergraduate and graduate students through relationship building strategies. Scope 1 helps you develop highly relevant, personalized marketing communications to connect and communicate to the diverse interests, needs, and goals of both traditional and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students—and parents. We can incorporate all the relevant tools including traditional print and variable print, web, e-mail, mobile, and social networking applications to reach and engage each prospective student. You’ll recruit and enroll more students while also attracting higher qualified, retainable students to your college or university.

Our custom higher education marketing automation technologies and our experience with college and university recruitment and enrollment programs help you plan and execute more efficient, effective student recruitment and enrollment strategies. With print and electronic marketing campaign management solutions that integrate database management and prospect intelligence, we help colleges and universities increase marketing campaign response rates and boost admissions. Scope 1 marketing automation solutions let you collect data and measure campaign results.

Scope 1 college and university student recruitment and enrollment management solutions integrate:

  • Database Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Catalogs
  • Course Books
  • Follow up letters
  • Posters and displays
  • pURLs and microsites
  • QR Barcodes
  • Signage and banners
  • Promotional items
  • Web-based Marketing
  • Print and Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies