Variable Print Marketing Technologies

conceptual icons for variable print capabilitiesScope 1’s variable data print marketing technologies for higher education let you create custom, personalized print materials—one-to-one print materials. You create personalized content that speaks directly to your prospective students, alumni, or donor’s interests. Variable data printing allows for content in data driven fields to be dynamically generated, changed, and customized as each piece is printed. Each piece coming off the press is unique.

For example, you’ve engaged a prospective student who is requesting information about a college nursing degree from your university. She is interested in attending classes at your university’s San Diego campus. A variable data brochure is populated with content based on the prospect’s current inquiry and perhaps, information from past dialog you have stored in your database. The custom brochure includes a personalized greeting by name for your prospect, provides specific information about the chosen program, financial aid options, social activities, living options, community information, etc. and provides the enrollment manager’s contact information with photo to whom she’s been assigned. The response mechanism also generates real-time follow-up information for the student, recruiter and enrollment manager.  If the student changes her mind, then the system changes with her.

Scope 1 also integrates variable print technologies with Internet, email marketing, social media, mobile QR coding apps and other emerging marketing communications opportunities. Using multi-media strategies creating multiple touchpoints and real time one-to-one connectivity generates higher lead generation and response rates with analytics to quantify and qualify results.