FanTools and Social Media

We’re excited to unveil Four51’s FanTools, a social deal platform that allows marketers and value-added service providers to create and publish preference-based SmartDeals to a merchant’s Facebook fans. As a Software-as-a-Service application completely integrated with Facebook, FanTools is suitable for businesses of all sizes that want to use promotions to drive awareness, trial, and loyalty among Facebook fans. Our ultimate vision is total social media and marketing management via support for the most popular social tools. We think these tools will help your school, college or university thrive in today’s 24-hour marketing cycle. We’ve reached an age in which instant marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and in the Blogosphere can work seamlessly with more traditional printed and branded communications tools (direct mail, brochures, promo items, etc.). You now have the ability with the push of a button to post, tweet, update, blog. And you can now synchronize these real-time social media channels with the traditional marketing mix. Online and offline: fast, synchronized, cohesive.

Simply put, FanTools allows educational institutions to quickly and simply implement a Facebook Fan page strategy that drives ROI from social media.  In doing so, get a head-start on competitors in building your dynamic, vital social communities, comprising potential students, current students, alumni, staff, donors and the community.

This initial launch in the social economy on Facebook is for one simple reason: it’s huge. This is a market of 500 million-plus members, growing rapidly week-in and week-out. Facebook is becoming the standard for the social economy, surpassing Google for the total number of hits in a month. As it strengthens its hold, more and more of your constituents, and their friends, are going to be doing business, actually buying and selling, in this environment.

FanTools is an excellent fit if you’re wanting to nurture your community online. With it, you can configure your own Facebook fan pages quickly, making offers to targeted prospects based on gender, geography, age, and lifestyle. Further, now you have excellent ways to create reports showing those accessing offers, accepting them, rating and sharing them.

Central to FanTools is the SmartDeals, a configurable, dynamic portal platform consisting of four distinct yet integrated programs:

  • The Offer Portal, supporting unlimited offers via viral coupons, video, gift cards, mobile SMS messaging and direct response.
  • The Location Portal, allowing fans to quickly find nearby locations
  • The Brand Store Portal, featuring immediate [buy-now] e-commerce integration via ecommerce technology
  • Automated follow up collateral both on and off-line

There are a number of benefits. For example, FanTools lets you:

  • Implement a social commerce strategy with minimal investment risk
  • Manage the presentation of more dynamic brand content as a Facebook “Application”
  • Control your social interactions
  • Measure your campaign and communications effectiveness

Best of all, you now can seamlessly coordinate the emerging social media environment with traditional offline activities, ensuring that messaging and materials in both environments are in sync and delivering ROI. Say “so-long” to the brand manager, the agency, the manufacturer mired in long planning cycles, extended production runs, dead-on-arrival messaging and repetitive static campaigns. That approach is so 24 hours ago! Today’s the day to plan how you need to message, market and sell tomorrow, based on what the world is tweeting or posting about you right now. And tomorrow’s the day to start planning for the day after.

Welcome to the 24-hour marketing cycle. Welcome to FanTools.

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