Clickable Print Demonstration

Debating whether to integrate smart phones into your search marketing mix?  Concerned with student privacy?  Consider this.  White hat marketers give prospects access to the information they want, when and where they ask for it.  The difference is in making content available and not forcing it.  If we accept the common perception that younger generations prefer to use their phones then we must also accept that they will ask for content from the device.  Put friction in the process and loose eyeballs.

Here is an example of a low friction smartphone workflow. Download a code reader with your phone from if you don’t already have one and experience how easy it is to bring multimedia content to your prospects smart phones. Not part of the younger generation?  Follow this link to see where they went on their phones and fill out the form to see how we automate follow up:

Direct Mail Sample of Clickable Print

Download a code reader from to follow the barcode on your cell phone